How Healthy is Your Bridge?


    Corrosion of reinforcing steel is arguably the most deleterious deterioration mechanism impacting transportation. Echem performs inspections, diagnostics and service life modeling to predict and determine corrosion behavior in reinforced concrete.

    Concrete material degradation originates from many modes of failure, all having an impact of performance. Echem provides i-spec, an inspection program for existing concrete structures, to identify root cause failure, health monitoring and service life assessments.

    Understanding the performance of new materials in service is critical in today's construction market. Echem provides durability assurance plans which are a holistic approach to understanding material properties of new structures in their given environment.
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"Has your in-depth inspection identified any of the following symptoms?"

  • Exposed Reinforcing Steel
  • Atmospheric Corrosion
  • Reinforcing Steel Corrosion
  • Coating Defects
  • Effloresence/Calcium Leaching
  • Concrete Cracking/Delamination

Echem services can assist in going beyond an "in-depth" inspection.

Corrosion distress can be avoided if caught early enough with our i-spec service. A simple corrosion problem often costs significant amounts of money if left unaddressed, due to its exponential behavior.
Concrete problems are often obvious when damage can be visually seen. Understand your concrete material by utilizing our L-spec service.
Designing for durability in aggressive environments is esstential in achieving service life goals. Determining the environment correctly is one of the fundamentals for durability.

A full range of laboratories services are available for materials testing. Concrete, masonry and metallographic programs are developed with our in house experts. We also offer research and development expertise with third party material development.


An extensive range of inspection services are offered to diagnose, document and analyze materials. Our services can be applied to the most complex of material problems. Corrosion in concrete and masonry degradation are some of Echem’s unique competencies due to our state of the art approach.

Field Construction

Field construction services include construction administration, training and installation support for contractors, and client representation for third party QA/QC.




Consultant based firm specializing in material analysis service life assessments, durability and corrosion mitigation. Services are offered for existing structures and new construction.