Does Your Building Have a Water Intrusion Problem?


    Roof leaks are major inconveniences that can cause a significant amount of damage and create health and safety issues. Some common causes of roof leaks include flashing damage, clogged drains, roof vents and soffit or fasica damage. It is extremely important to identify and repair roof leaks as quickly as possible.

    Windows and doors are one of the most common leak areas in buildings. Leaks an occur in these areas for a variety of reasons including: no caulking around perimeter, improper or failed joints, improper house wrap application, obstructed weep holes and punctured window tracks and frames.

    As the lowest point in a building, basements are a natural destination for water intrusion. Water may wind up in basements from above, gradually soaking through the basement walls or it may come from the form of rising ground water permeating the basement floor. A wet basement can allow for toxic mold growth.
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Signs of Water Intrusion:

  • Paint or Coating Damage
  • Water Stains
  • Loose Cladding
  • Rotten Trim
  • Cracked and Falling Debris
  • Efflorescence
  • Corrosion
  • Mold

Water intrusion is a serious threat to the integrity & performance of a building structure.

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Infrared Thermal Imaging is used to assess thermal varations across a structure that can be directly attributed to conditions such as increased moisture levels, spalling or construction variations.

Moisture Mapping is used to identify and assess abnormally wet locations of buildings, structures and their materials so that the drying process can be measured, documented and carried out before more serious issues occur.

Ground Penetrating Radar is one of the core investigative techniques due to the rapidity of date collection, adaptability to varying circumstances and its ability to scan through different types of materials using radio waves.

A full range of laboratories services are available for materials testing. Concrete, masonry and metallographic programs are developed with our in house experts. We also offer research and development expertise with third party material development.


An extensive range of inspection services are offered to diagnose, document and analyze materials. Our services can be applied to the most complex of material problems. Corrosion in concrete and masonry degradation are some of Echem’s unique competencies due to our state of the art approach.

Field Construction

Field construction services include construction administration, training and installation support for contractors, and client representation for third party QA/QC.




Consultant based firm specializing in material analysis service life assessments, durability and corrosion mitigation. Services are offered for existing structures and new construction.