"Deterioration of commercial assets can impact the owners' revenue as well as the tenants comfort." 

Commercial Property

Commercial properties include a wide range of revenue generating structures. Owners and asset managers are often tasked with ensuring that their structures are operational, functional, and safe, while managing repair and maintenance budgets. Deterioration of such assets can impact the owners’ revenue as well as the tenants comfort. Ensuring the structure is well maintained requires ongoing maintenance and repair.

Keeping the structure water tight, free from defects and deterioration and minimizing impact from ongoing decay can become a challenge to the asset manager. Often times, temporary repairs become permanent fixes, requiring further work and increases in capital output.

Echem Consultants can advise owners and institutions on the state of their buildings’ health with the use of Non-Destructive Evaluations, Material Analysis, and Durability Modeling. By helping determine condition and deterioration, Echem can work with owners and their A/E team to offer long term repair strategies and staging of works when budget constraints apply.

We can assist with design details and construction arrangements of new buildings, existing buildings and assist with material selection, service life assessments, and durability engineering in new build construction. Where applicable, Echem can design long-term electrochemical corrosion mitigation techniques such as cathodic protection or cathodic prevention.

Structure types can include:

  • Office Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Education Facilities
  • Sports Facilites
  • Garage Structures