"Understanding exisiting condition is key to planning capital expenditures wisely." 


Educational institutions include a vast array of buildings and campuses used to promote learning and growth, from Pre-K through higher education. Key to the health of the structure is the health of the users.

Educational institutions, such as state education departments, city school systems, and private universities, can own hundreds of buildings of various construction types, all with their own unique set of construction and maintenance challenges. The effort to maintain and repair academic buildings, residential halls and university housing is tremendous, and requires on-going effort.

Understanding existing condition is key to planning capital expenditures wisely. Echem Consultants can work with educational intuitions and their A/E to provide condition assessment services such as non-destructive evaluations, material testing programs, water testing /leak detection services and building enclosure review. Our approach is to assist the institution in understand the current state of their buildings as well as the underlying and unknown conditions which may impact the end users in the future.

As long term owners, Echem can provide educational institutions with durability assessments which will allow the owner to understand when damages may occur on their buildings. With this, Echem can work with institutions to help develop asset management programs for the long-term repair programs.

Building types can include:

  • Historic one-room school houses
  • Load bearing masonry buildings
  • Transitional steel frame buildings
  • Unique contemporary structures meant to encourage and foster creativity and academic excellence