"More often than not the economics of routine maintenance and long term repair outwight the replacement of critical plant." 


Power producing plants such as electrical, oil and gas have critical structures which are subject to harsh conditions, required to be functional 24 hours a day, and are often subject to extreme exposure. The health of these structures is vital to optimal performance of the plant, and providing customers with uninterrupted service.

More often than not the economics of routine maintenance and long term repair outweigh the replacement of critical plant.  Not only is there a significant loss of income if an energy producing structure falls into disrepair, but the costs of building new structures can be economically unfeasible..

Due to use requirements, critical plant structures such as cooling towers, intake structures, and loading docks can only be taken out of service for inspection and repair during planned shut-downs.

Echem Consultants key staff has significant experience in working on energy producing structures from investigation and durability engineering, forecasting degradation and failures, and designing long-term corrosion mitigation systems for structures such as cooling towers, coal docks, transmission towers, dams and intake structures.  We have worked in coal, oil and gas, nuclear, and hydroelectric energy producing plants.  We can mobilize on short notice for investigations during outages, and can help owners with asset management, service life assessments, designing for long-term repairs.  We can also provide project management, owner representation and construction oversight for corrosion and concrete repairs.