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Drop15 top crate

The i-cor inspection has been developed to provide an in depth investigation of corrosion of reinforcing steel or metals. The i-cor Non-Destructive Testing Investigation consist of a number of critical measurements and tests which are listed as follows:

  • i-cov: Concrete Cover Thickness
  • i-rom: Resistivity Measurements
  • i-cos: Corrosion Rate Measurements
  • i-vos: Voltage Measurements
  • i-tom: Thickness Measurements

The objective with the i-cor testing method is to identify the current condition to help us provide repair options to deal with the expected condition in the future. Part of Echem’s analysis of i-cor test methods is to provide predictive modeling of long term performance. This is regarded as a probabilistic approach as the Echem’s Life 52® statistical degradation models are calculated based on current condition and the deterioration mechanisms going forward.


Inspection Methods