i-cor Inspection Methods

  • i-cov


    Concrete Cover
    i-cov is suitable for on-site conditions assessment of steel reinforced concrete structures. The methods can be applied regardless of the thickness of concrete cover and the reinforcement size of detailing.
  • i-rom


    Resistance of Material
    Concrete or mortars’ resistivity in its basic definition is a material property, which is influenced by the environment. Resistivity measurements are the inverse of conductivity and represent the materials ability to resist current flows.
  • i-cos


    Corrosion of Steel
    i-cos applies a small (20 mV) potential difference between the steel and a secondary electrode on the surface, which results in a small current flow. This is then proportional to the inverse of polarization resistance and hence is directly proportional to the corrosion rate.
  • i-vos


    Voltage of Steel
    i-vos is the measurement of the voltage of embedded steel withing concrete or masonry (electrolyte). i-vos measurements provide an indication of corrosion activity and a probability of risk in accordance with ASTM standards.
  • i-tom


    Thickness of Metal
    i-tom metal thickness measurements are critical in understanding the amount of section loss of a structural member. The values are reflective of the corrosivity index of the environment as well as the stability of the structure.
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