How Healthy is your Landmark?


‘Landmark’ or ‘listed’ structures, which are usually 50 years or older, face their own unique set of maintenance requirements.  Landmark structures can be made from most any construction material and can be a monument, building, civil structure, or landscape.  Landmark structures are significant in one way or another, either having been associated with a significant person or event, or a physical embodiment of an architectural style, engineering feat or a philosophical ideal.

Landmarks are more often than not expected to perform beyond their design life, and are always requiring and extension of their service life.  As these structures age, planning for and understanding how materials degrade can assist in prolonging the life of the structure. Combining material science, preservation philosophy with appropriate investigation and interventions are of utmost importance when assessing landmark structures. 

Echem can tailor an investigation which is suitable for the structure being assessed.  Our work includes Hellenistic Greek Farmhouses, Roman Frescoes and Mosaics, the World’s Sole Tea Clipper, Mid-Century Architectural Masterpieces, to contemporary Monuments.

Non-intrusive, non-destructive investigations can be planned through the use of advanced testing equipment, historic material analysis, and failure assessments and future performance analysis.  We can investigate any material or structure type, provide documentation services, assist with original construction arrangements, and provide durability assessments on historic materials and how they will behave in their given environment over time.  This valuable information can assist stewards of landmark structures plan and budget for repair and maintenance, or negotiate better terms when purchasing a building.



A full range of laboratories services are available for materials testing. Concrete, masonry and metallographic programs are developed with our in house experts. We also offer research and development expertise with third party material development.


An extensive range of inspection services are offered to diagnose, document and analyze materials. Our services can be applied to the most complex of material problems. Corrosion in concrete and masonry degradation are some of Echem’s unique competencies due to our state of the art approach.

Field Construction

Field construction services include construction administration, training and installation support for contractors, and client representation for third party QA/QC.




Consultant based firm specializing in material analysis service life assessments, durability and corrosion mitigation. Services are offered for existing structures and new construction.