"Part of Mayor de Blasio's affordable housing plan, is a long-term strategic plan that details how NYCHA will create safe, clean, and connected communities for our residents and preserve New York City's public housing assets for the next generation." NYC Housing Authority


The importance of creating, repairing and maintaining residential properties has never been more important as the world population continues to grow rapidly. The greatest challenge to most owners is maintaining their property and insuring its value does not diminish whilst also working within the boundaries of what they can afford. Repair and maintenance on a property needs to be planned carefully; the all too often application of band aid style repairs needs to be replaced with considered approaches to fully understand the damage and deterioration issues at hand so that the most suitable and economical solutions can be implemented..

Echem can help achieve this goal. We are primarily involved in the maintenance, repair and preservation of property that includes high end apartment buildings, town houses and affordable housing.

We advise property owners on the state of their buildings health with the use of Non-Destructive Evaluations, Material Analysis, and Durability Modeling. Assessments range from building envelope investigations for entire apartment complexes to smaller scale surveys of apartment balconies or town house facades..

By helping to understand fully the source and extent of building deterioration, Echem can work with owners to offer long term repair strategies and staging of works when budget constraints apply. Where applicable, Echem can design long-term electrochemical corrosion mitigation techniques such as cathodic protection or cathodic prevention..

Inappropriate repair work can create expensive problems for the future that could easily be avoided. Our mission is to aid owners make the right decisions regarding the repair and maintenance of their properties.